The Holiday Crib   In summer the mountains surrounding the crib stand snowless. The heat of the summer has melted the snow away leaving them brown and bare.  The sun beats down on the landscape producing waves of intense hotness.  The grass suffers a great deal firstly turning golden brown and then becoming stalky and […]

“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”- CC.Scott It is clear  that for people to survive  they must outsmart their opposition in many different ways, using the  abilities they have. In the texts: “Touching the Void” written by Joe Simpson, “Rabbit Proof Fence” directed by Phillip Noyce, “The Book Thief” […]

The rainforest( pause)  a tropical forest with tall trees,  warm climate,  enclosed canopies, lots of rain and  high species diversity. The  bulldozers ,  chainsaws  and  fires  are not  part of the rainforest so what are they doing there? . Today I’m going to speak to you about the importance of the rainforest, the increasing destruction […]

Hello and welcome to your personal online journal. This platform has been created to enhance and enrich your learning at Mount Aspiring College. Its purpose is to provide you with an audience for your work (or work-in-progress) and you have the choice (by altering the ‘visibility’ of your posts) of whether your work on here […]